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Nemesis Delay ADT: Official Demo

Nemesis Delay ADT: Official Demo

The Nemesis Delay ADT is a multi-mode delay pedal with 26 different styles of delay, an analog dry through signal path, 100 factory loaded presets, stereo I/O, tap tempo, and is compatible with the over 1,000 presets created and published for the original Nemesis Delay by the Neuro Community. Learn more about the Nemesis Delay ADT - All the delay effects that made the original Nemesis Delay so popular are still present in the Nemesis Delay ADT, but some of its most well-regarded delay engines previously included with the Neuro Desktop Editor and Mobile App., (Source Audio’s free effects editing software available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android) have moved to the face of the pedal. New additions to the face of Nemesis include the “Drum Echo,” based on vintage Binson Echorec rotating drum units, known for their multiple playback heads and rhythmic delay patterns. Another addition is “Oil Can,” which captures the sound of a 1950’s Tel-Ray Electronics Sound Chamber, a unit known for its ghostly and reverberant echoes created with a rotating can of electrolytic oil. Also included is “Resonant Analog”, based on the tone of darker bucket brigade chips with an especially soft echo that dramatically degenerates with each passing repeat. In addition to the effects described above, the Nemesis Delay ADT features an encyclopedic, far-reaching collection of classic and contemporary delays. Vintage sounds include effects based on tape delay units like the Maestro Echoplex™ and Roland Space Echo™, slapback, and other popular bucket-brigade analog delay pedals. More contemporary effects include a pristine digital delay, pitch shifting, reverse, lo-fi/sample rate reduction, reverse/octave up, and more. It also includes stereo ins and outs, 5-pin MIDI DIN input and thru ports, tap tempo with 15 different beat divisions, 8 preset positions (128 presets with MIDI), 100 pre-loaded factory presets, and a delay hold (a.k.a. “Freeze”) function.
Kawai ES120 Digital Piano | Features & Playing Demo

Kawai ES120 Digital Piano | Features & Playing Demo

● Learn More About Kawai ES-120▸ ● Find a Kawai Dealer In Your Area▸ ● Click the Link to Subscribe to KawaiPianosOnYouTube ▸ ● Click the 🔔 bell to be notified of all videos! #kawai #kawaipiano #kawaies Offering some of the most popular features and advanced technology available in an affordable instrument, the ES120 is an excellent introduction to the Kawai portable piano line-up. The ES120’s keyboard offers 88 grade-weighted keys designed to authentically reproduce the distinctive feel of an acoustic piano. All 88 notes of Kawai’s world-class Shigeru EX concert grand piano have been meticulously recorded and reproduced using Kawai’s exclusive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. The ES120’s sound and touch will make pianists feel as though they are performing on a fine acoustic instrument. For beginning students, the ES120 offers Bluetooth connectivity to allow a plethora of lesson functions via the PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps for Android and iOS. Metronome, song recorder and “split” playing mode that allows the hands to practice independently are also offered in the app. The ES120 can become an attractive addition to any room with an optional stand and three-pedal assembly. Harmonic Imaging™ Sound Technology 88-Key Piano Sampling Improved Responsive Hammer Compact Action 88 Weighted Keys 25 Sounds, Including Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand, new electric piano, strings, upright pianos and more Bluetooth Audio and MIDI connectivity USB MIDI port for simplified connectivity to computers Dual and Split Keyboard Modes Low Volume Balance 192-Note Polyphony Supports Piano Remote and PiaBook apps for iOS and Android Damper Pedal or optional three-pedal assembly with half dampering Built-in Stereo Speaker System with increased power New stylish cabinet design with updated control panel Connect with Kawai America Corporation: ● Website ▸ ● Find a Kawai Dealer In Your Area▸ ● Contact Us ▸ ● Instagram ▸ ● Facebook ▸ ● Twitter ▸
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